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Chairman Bate'er of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Accepts an Interview

2011-06-02 13:57:00

(May 28, 2011)

Journalist: Mining is a pillar industry in the autonomous region, but there are some issues that can not be ignored in the development and utilization process. There are some acute problems such as the production and transportation of some individual enterprises have seriously affected the local biological environment and the production and life of the people. There are even some cases of personal injuries. How will the autonomous region deal with them?

Chairman: While developing the mining economy, the autonomous region has actively engaged in the geological and environmental production of mines and the improvement of residential houses for mining workers. The autonomous region has introduced policies and measures to protect ecological environment and improve pastoral income and has made positive efforts to ask the state to issue policies of subsidizing and rewarding pastoral areas. Good results have been achieved. They are widely supported by the people. However, the blind development of some individual enterprises has damaged the environment and affected the production and life of farmers and herdsmen. These problems can not be ignored. The main reason for such problems is that some individual enterprises, in their development and transportation operations, pay more attention to economic returns, pay less attention to their management, turn a blind eye to the laws and regulations, have a disregard for the ecological protection of grasslands, and even seriously affect the production and life of farmers and herdsmen. If there are illegal acts that harm public interests, destroy the environment, disrupt the development of mining industries, they shall be investigated regardless enterprises and individuals. Such acts will not be tolerated. The criminals will be punished strictly, severely, and quickly in compliance with the laws.

Journalist: How will the autonomous region further strengthen the management of mining production, protect ecological environment, and protect and improve people's livelihood?

Chairman: With respect to some acute problems that exist in the production and management of some individual mining enterprises, the CPC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Committee and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Government attached great importance to these problems. They held emergent teleconferences and issued a notice to arrange and deploy a series of measures to strengthen the management of mining production, protect the environment by law, and protect the livelihood. They required the local governments to learn from lessons and mistakes and effectively improve their work. First, to enhance the sense of social responsibility of mining enterprises, let them be fully aware of the fact that the development of mining industry is closely linked with the production and life of farmers and herdsmen. To adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to development, livelihood, and environment and be strict in management and requirements so as to protect ecological environment and the interests of the people. Second, to carry out comprehensive investigation and rectification work. To shut down and suspend the operations of those enterprises that are verified to have engaged in unlicensed production, make insufficient compensation for land use, seriously affect the production and life the people in their production and transportation processes, have major hidden safety risks, or pollute and destroy grasslands. Third, to establish a sound long-term mechanism and improve policies and measures of protecting ecological environment and protecting the interests of the people in the resources development process as quickly as possible. To strictly implement the long-term mining development plan of the autonomous region, tighten the control on the entrance of mining enterprises and projects, and strengthen transport regulation on mining enterprises. To establish and improve the compensation mechanisms, treat both root causes and symptoms and protect the interests of the people. Fourth, to crack down on illegal acts such as unlicensed exploration and exploitation, illegal occupation of lands, further straighten out the channels of social supervision, and accept public supervision by the people. It is the basic responsibility of the party committees and governments at all levels to safeguard the interests of the people, protect the environment, and promote the scientific development. The issues reflected by the people are the objectives and tasks of the party committees and governments at all levels. (Wang Yu: www.nmgnews.com.cn)

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