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Visa Application Materials for Citizens under 18

2019-06-11 15:12:00

1. Valid Passport with a validity over 6 months.

2. Passport front-page copy.

3.Original and front-page copy of parents' passports.

4. Original and copy of ID card or residence permit of applicant and parents (for non-Cypriot citizens).

5. Marriage Certificate of parents and birth Certificate of applicant.

6. Applicant should be in the company ofboth parents.If only one parent comes, a letter of consent from the parent not present in embassy will be required. (Note: The letter of consent must indicate that he/she agrees with the application for a Chinese visa for the child, the validity period of the visa and the number of entries, and agrees that the other parent accompanies the child to China within the validity period)

7. The other required documents as normal applicants.

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